Student & Alumni Policies


A scheduled interview may be rescheduled or canceled without penalty up to 2 business days in advance of your scheduled interview. To reschedule or cancel an interview 1 to 2 business days in advance, you must call the career services office that is hosting the interview.

Canceling an interview less than 2 business days in advance or failing to appear for a scheduled interview (a no-show) is a violation of this on-campus interview policy and will result in the deactivation of your GoldPASS account.  

You must work with your career services office to gain access to your account.  Failure to connect with your career service office and follow through with the employer within the specified timeline will result in the cancellation of any other previously scheduled interviews.

JOB OFFER RENEGE (revoking acceptance of a job offer)

Accepting a position, whether for full-time employment or an internship, is a commitment. It is unprofessional to renege on an offer, and once you have accepted an offer, either verbally or in writing, you have committed to the job and organization. At this point, you should cease all interview and negotiation activities with other organizations.

If you, a UMN student decides to renege on an offer, whether the position was found through college supported activities or not, there is a necessary follow-up process. You must meet with  staff from your career service office to discuss the following:

  • Your decision and the implications for your professional reputation.
  • The impact your decision has on your college and the University of Minnesota (i.e., impact your decision has on the University’s ability to maintain partnerships with said organization).

Failure to schedule this meeting or call within one week of notification will result in deactivation of your GoldPASS account and other on-campus recruiting activities.

Contact your career services office for specifics.



Some college career service offices review the first resume upload to GoldPASS powered by Handshake, prior to a student gaining complete access to the system.  Until your resume has been approved you will no have access to apply to positions through the system, however, you have the ability to search and view positions while your resume is pending. 

Please contact your college career service office for information on their resume approval policy.